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Welcome to the Vaughn Road Elementary School Technology page. This page is intended to provide you with a brief overview of the Technology equipment that is used regularly at Vaughn Road as well as information about the Alabama Technology Courses of Study.

Classroom Technology:

Each classroom at Vaughn Road is equipped with multiple desktop computer work stations for the children’s use.  Each teacher selects age appropriate and subject specific activities for the students to complete while on the computers.  Edgenuity is one program that is available to children in 2nd thru 5th grades and provides them with extra Math, Reading, Language, and Science help utilizing prescriptive approach based on benchmark assessments.  Children in grades 2 - 5 are assessed in the areas of Reading and Math at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, and then again at the end of the year.  4th Grade students are also assessed in the area of Science. The Edgenuity program creates a personalized "Learning Path" for each child based on their areas of strength and weakness on assessment data.

Another program that is frequently used, especially in grades K – 2 is the “More Starfall” website.  The More Starfall website license is purchased by the school each year to expand the content of the basic Starfall website.  More Starfall provides children in primary grades Phonics, Reading, Language, and Math support through games, stories and songs.  The site includes a teachers’ resource area which our teachers access regularly.  The More Starfall site is easily navigated by young children independently and the activities are also suited to hands on instruction with the whole class using the Smart Board. 

Smart Boards:
Every classroom at Vaughn Road is equipped with an interactive Smart Board and digital projector.  Teachers utilize the Smart Boards for hands on, interactive activities frequently.  In addition, the Smart Boards allow teachers to display digital resources to the students during the course of instruction.  Many of the textbook publishers provide digital content that can be used to enhance instruction.  Our teachers also frequently seek out additional resources.  Online journals and publications, videos, and websites are just a mouse click away and can easily be displayed for the entire class on the Smart Board.  

We are currently in the process of replacing aging Smart Boards with Interactive Digital Touch Panels.  During the 2018/2019 school year ten classrooms were equipped with new touch panels.  Feedback from students and teachers has been extremely positive.  

Mobile Technology:

Many of Vaughn Road’s classrooms have an I-Pad available as well.  Students often use the I-Pads during “Center Time” to access learning applications just as if they were on a computer.  The I-pads are also frequently used during Small Group instruction to provide access to digital instructional resources needed for a specific group of students.

Additional I-Pads are available in the Computer Lab for teachers to check out for group activities that require students to have individual access to technology. 

During the 2018/2019 school year we were fortunate to add 5 classroom sets of Chromebooks to the school's technology inventory.  The mobile carts of Chromebooks allow opportunities for teachers to implement lessons and activities requiring a one to one device to student ratio.  Two additional carts of Chromebooks were added during the summer prior to the start of the 2019/2020 school year.  

Technology For Assessments:
Once again, for the 2019 - 2020 school year Vaughn Road will be completing the required yearly State Assessments on computer. This is a shift from the traditional paper and pencil testing forms from years past.  The mobile Chromebook carts allow us to set up additional testing locations besides the Computer Lab which will allow us to complete the testing in a more timely manner.  The regular Computer Lab is comprised of 30 desktop work stations.  Our mobile Chromebook labs have a total of 214 Chromebooks, greatly increasing the number of children who can be tested during a testing session.

Contingent upon availability of funding, Vaughn Road will offer After-School tutoring to children in 3rd – 5th grades.  Participants in the After-School tutoring program work in the Compass Learning computer program focusing on Math, Reading, or Both.  Placement in the program is based off beginning of the year baseline testing scores.

Technology For Communication:
Technology plays an important role during the instructional day at Vaughn Road.  In addition to the ways previously mentioned, teachers routinely use email or text to communicate with parents.  Each teacher also utilizes Class Dojo or Remind 101 as a means of communicating with parents.  Dr. Lindsey is able to send out group calls to all the parents to provide necessary information in a timely manner. 

The school’s webpage is a valuable resource for important information about the school as well as upcoming events.  The webpage also provides MANY pictures capturing the wonderful things that take place here at Vaughn Road.  Webpage updates are made frequently, often multiple times per week.  As the Technology Coordinator, I am responsible for keeping the page maintained and up to date.  If you take a picture with your phone while attending a Vaughn Road event, feel free to send it to my email:  I will try to include it on the website.  Be sure to include a brief description so I can share information about the picture on the site.

During the summer of 2018 Vaughn Road's Facebook and Twitter pages were created.  As the Technology Coordinator, I am responsible for maintaining these accounts for the school in addition to the web page.  Much of the same information is posted on the web page, Twitter page, and Facebook page.  I keep them updated regularly to connect with as many parents and community members as possible.

Technology Instruction:
At Vaughn Road we strive to fully address the standards of the Alabama Technology Course of Study.  There is a separate course of study for each grade level.  While many of the broad areas of focus are similar at each grade level, the level of complexity and depth of instruction increases each year.  Computer lab activities cover many of the standards; however some are more easily covered in the general classroom during the course of regular instruction or with special projects assigned by the core subject teacher.  Digital citizenship and proper usage and care of computer equipment is a focus at all levels.  Keyboarding and coding skills are main areas of focus during computer lab time for students in 1st - 5th grades using age appropriate activities.  

Provide below are links to the Alabama Technology Courses of Study for Kindergarten thru Fifth grades.
K - 5 Technology Courses of Study (2018)


Check out some of the fun and educational websites that Vaughn Road Students often use for class activities and skills review.  Click on the the subject tabs to display website links for each tab.

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